Play Best Real Money Dragon Tiger Malaysia 2022

In Online gaming and gambling, Dragon Tiger live casino is very famous. If we talk about Asia and specifically Malaysia has millions of players who love to play this game.

The Dragon Tiger card game is one of the popular games in Malaysia because it involves real money. Still, the Dragon Tiger game strategy is straightforward to play.

People love to play this game with ease of mind. Even when they don't have enough knowledge of this game or experience, they still have a high chance of winning. This is why People prefer this game over any other game.

The game's goal is to limit which side has the more confident or higher hand, Dragon Tiger card counting. The difference is that K is the highest, and A is the lowest one in the deck.

What is a Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger online is famous against people of the Asian community. Dragon Tiger casino is played with 52 cards with no wildcard or joker. It is played with 6 or 8 deck shoes.

Players choose to bet on Dragon or Tiger. The Dragon Tiger card counting follows the same rules and betting system but involves a casino.

The highest valued card draws the result without the code of any suits. The ace value is the Lowest, and the rest cards follow the actual value.

How Does a Live Dragon Tiger Work?

As we have told you, this game is straightforward to play, and the dealer Dragon deals two cards and a tiger. We have to bet on one of them. Whichever has the highest value, that person wins.

If games end in a draw, the play loses 50% of the Bet. If you bet 100 dollars and games end in a Tie, you will get 50 dollars back; the rest is your loss.

After completing every game, the winner gets paid regardless of the amount; this can vary in rare conditions.

Why Should I Play Live Dragon Tiger Games?

There are some points to prove why you should play online Dragon Tiger:

a. Easy Straight Game

The Dragon Tiger game is not a complex one that a new player could not understand easily. When you play online you will realize that the game is more fun than a headache. It provides uninterrupted fun and unwinding for a long time without getting bored.

b. Easy betting system

To bet on the game is also easy with a live dealer Dragon Tiger. You need to decide the amount you want to place on a particular hand. Rest is taken care of by the live dealer.

c. Payout rates are good

If you are lucky enough to win, the pay out you gonna receive will make you more than happy. It will be transferred directly to your casino wallet and you can withdraw them whenever you want.

d. Big Winning chances

The chances are high that you could win Dragon Tiger in an online casino Malaysia. No matter If you are a regular player or a novice you must try your luck on this one.

How to Play Online Dragon Tiger?

If you want to know how to win Dragon Tiger game then you must learn how to play it in the first place. Apart from Dragon Tiger game tips you must know the basics from start to finish.

Many sites help us to access live Dragon Tiger. The player will place Bet with real money to enjoy Dragon Tiger. The player must wait for the dealer to deal the card on the table.

Both of them will be revealed face up by the live dealer Dragon Tiger. Live casino Malaysia has awesome live dealers Dragon Tiger and other casino table games.

No more action in this game. The highest value card will win. However, there are other rules for other conditions.

Ace is the lowest valued card, but your game is simple and easy to play if the card is the same or card value ties.

Dragon Tiger rules are following make sure you know them properly before starting the game so that there are more chances of winning.

  • Objective: The goal is simple, Bet on the highest value card; you have to guess which card is valued more. The game is straightforward.

  • Bets (Win, Tie, and Lose): If you choose the card with the higher value, you win; if you choose a card with a lower value, you lose, and if both cards are valued the same, that means the Game is Tie.

  • Games RTPs: RTPs stands for Return to players, which means how much you will get back if you win in the form of a payout. The Dragon Tiger betting strategy for playing Dragon Tiger online games you can find online and compare, and then you can choose where you want to play.

  • Payout: payout varies on your betting. If you win, you will get a 1:1 payout, and if you lose, you will lose 50% of the best value.

Rules of Playing Live Dragon Tiger

In Dragon Tiger, there are no such heavy rules which we have to learn and remember, as we have told you that this game is straightforward. 

But one rule to remember because it might confuse you from other games is that Values are lowest in Game A (Ace). Rest cards shared the same value.

Tips and Tricks to Play a Live Dragon Tiger Casino Game

There are Dragon Tiger game winning tricks that every player should learn and apply inorder to win it. Some very important are given below:

  • Count Card: Casino use few cards only, so it's easy to predict
  • Cash Out Don't Be Greedy: being greedy can make you lose more than your budget
  • Keep Contact with Dealer: Since you are not touching the card Building Connection with the dealer can help you win.


1. How do you beat Dragon Tiger?

Card counting technique Is the only way to predict what cards can turn out as there are 70-80% chances of your winning depending on this. You can beat Dragon Tiger only if you start playing it regularly.

2. Can I Play For Free?

Answer is no because you can't play for free when real money is involved. But you can watch other players play.

3. What is the house edge in Dragon Tiger?

What is house edge first? Well, the house edge is an advanced term for how much a casino will make from this single game. The more you play, the more chances of you losing your money.

4. Is playing Dragon Tiger illegal?

Playing Dragon Tiger online is only illegal if you are located in any of the states where online gambling is illegal.

5. Is a Dragon Tiger game worth it?

Yes because this game involves less math's and this game average last 20 seconds.

6. What is a pair in a Dragon Tiger game?

When you get two similar cards or hands it means it is a pair.

7. How many cards are there in Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger must be played with 52 cards with a deck of four to eight with the same cards and design without any wild cards and jokers involved.

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