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As a best online casino review site in Malaysia, we are concerned about the privacy policy for our gamblers and betting participants. We work on the items in detail and explain everything here to make things transparent and legit.

Legal Terms In Malaysia For Online Gambling

Gambling in Malaysia is regulated by law. It is not surprising, but legal protection offers bidders and gamblers a sustainable condition to proceed in the activities.

  • In Malaysia, Gambling activities are regulated under the Betting Act 1953 and Common Gaming Houses Act 1953. 
  • In the country, sports betting or gambling is prohibited, in fact, illegal. Anyone involved in such activities will end up having legal issues and problems. 
  • The activities ranging from lotteries, horse racing, and casinos are legal and operate under a license. 
  • State issues licenses to the casinos and horse racing companies on special considerations. There are certain limitations for the activities every license holder has to comply with. 
  • Exploiting any rule or going against a legal restriction causes license holders to cancel the license, penalty charges, and fines. 

Use Of Personal Data

We are letting you experience several opportunities in gambling and betting on our platform. 

To access these features, all the users have to log in with their credentials. We take care of the personal data and these credentials. 

The personal information you share with our platform is secured and accessed by only specific individuals.

  • There are safety protocols that we consider and do not let the data slip out of our hands in any case. Following are the highlights regarding our use of personal data:
  • The user data is secured on the server and only accessed by the designated members. 
  • We keep the security protocol higher and restricted for access 
  • We do not share any personal information with anyone. Only the user can access their data through personalised login. 
  • Suppose a user faces issues accessing the platform or forgetting their password. In that case, we have a particular procedure to sort out the problem and let the person access the information after identity verification. 
  • We don't sell or share user information with anyone in the market and do not believe in revealing our data to other companies or individuals. 
  • We let our customers share limited information and store it on our server as per their preference. If you do not want to store your payment information on the server, we will not keep it on track. 
  • In the personal information other than your name and nationality or additionally provided information, we keep track of your IP addresses, location and other digital data. It helps to offer you coverage and support whenever you need it. 

Cookies Information

Cookies are the protocol files we use to keep track of our users. Based on your interest, we store cookie fields on your system. You have to agree to the cookies or customise their settings when you visit our site.

It helps you in controlling cookies and coming up with practical outcomes. We make sure to provide you with a brief of the cookies, settings and other options.

Our site creates cookies and works this way, so it is impossible to avoid them at any stage. 

You can go for advanced settings and customise the options and information that we will access through cookies.

General Statement (Terms & Conditions)

We do have a set of terms and conditions for our users on the platform:

  • Anyone aged 18 years or above can sign up for the platform. Individuals below the age of 18 are not legally allowed on the forum. 
  • We do run a background check for identity and age verification. If we find someone misled about age, we have all rights to seize the accounts. 
  • There is a specific set of terms and conditions for each bet that remains unchanged. None of the users can ask for the change in these terms. 
  • We hold the right to make changes in general terms and conditions or privacy policies. Whenever we make changes to the guidelines, we inform the users using tiger email addresses. 
  • It is directed to cross-check the betting amounts and best before closing the deal. We will not serve any requests for changing batting amounts later. 
  • Every bet and gamble has its terms and conditions; users should review all of these individually and place bets in time. 

Data Security

Data security is a significant concern for us. We understand that every user trusts our security system and signs up with critical information. 

Focusing on their trust, we maintain a higher level of data security. The secured servers ensure filtered and selective access to data saved on the server.

We keep updating our servers and security algorithms to ensure our users will not experience any difficulty or data security threat. It turns out to be the ultimate benefit we offer on our platform.

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