KW88 Online Casino Review 2022

As a new player in the world of online gambling, you might come across many excellent or questionable online casino Malaysia. 

As the world continues to power through a pandemic, online resources are becoming common in every aspect of life. Online gambling is no different. 

However, while online casinos have been an established industry for the better part of two decades, there has been a certain influx of newcomers with next to no experience on how to choose the best online casino Malaysia.

One of the newer and less established casinos you might consider is KW88 online casino. You can find many classic and premium Malaysia casino online. 

However, they might not be the best option for a new player as they have incredibly experienced gamblers and a large customer base. 

As opposed to that, KW88 is a small-scale casino with a limited player base. This also ensures that a new player doesn't need to invest a great deal of money in order to start playing.

History Of KW88 Online Casino

KW88 is a fairly recent establishment headquartered in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, etc. 

While the casino lacks experience, it is certain that its services are outstanding. 

Moreover, the company offers high-quality customer services as well as every modern banking option to its players. 

In addition, KW88 casino has affiliations with most high-end slot game producers in Malaysia.

In your search for the best and most feasible gambling option online, you will realize that every casino's expertise lies in one or more casino games. 

There are very few casinos out there that offer all online gambling services, including lotteries, casino tables, slot games, jackpots, and more. 

Even then, it is rare to find all of their services to be top-notch. This is where KW88 shines.

KW88 Software And Casino Range

While the establishment is small, it offers every single online casino game that a player would want to play. 

When compared to other casinos, this quality is the one that sets it apart from other more widely known casinos.

KW88 offers not only the widest range of gambling sports but also the most innovative and good-quality experience in all of those games. 

They are known for not just their slot games or casino tables, but also for their huge jackpots and frequent lottery wins.

1. Online Slot Games

Slot games are arguably the best part of casino gaming. They are also the biggest point of pride for KW88 Malaysia

The online slots offered by KW88 are dynamic, have great visuals and sounds, and give higher payouts. 

KW88 is known for its affiliation with all the big names in slot games production such as Nextspin, Spadegaming, Microgaming, Joker, and many others!

2. Live Casino

Established on a smaller scale than other well-known casinos, KW88 live casino can still hold the title of the best live casino online Malaysia. 

The live casinos at KW88 are incredibly exhilarating competitive. Moreover, KW88 also offers up to 50% bonuses on their live casino tables.

3. Sports Betting

Many gamblers throughout the world enjoy playing fish shooting games, which are among the most popular online casino games. 

Those games are enjoyable when you know what to do. Fish shooting games are preferred, especially by newbies, due to their simple rules and user interface. 

This is true even for those who are new to gambling. KW88 offers the best fishing games online.

Make An Informed Decision

If you're looking to make an informed decision regarding the most trusted online casino Malaysia, then you have come to the right place. 

We make sure that we convey the transparent pros and cons of every casino to our readers and help them make a decision that benefits them the most.

Pros of KW88 Online Casino

Like every Malaysia online casino, KW88 has its strengths and weaknesses. But, luckily they excel in the more important aspects that make an online gambling casino top-rated. 

Not just that, while they have some deficiencies, most of their customers have expressed total satisfaction.

Excellent Customer Service

One of the most appreciated services in every industry is customer support. How you facilitate your customers speaks volumes about your company's code of ethics. 

KW88 review has made it clear that the company values customer satisfaction.

Extensive Gaming Collection

As mentioned earlier, KW88 has partnerships and sponsorships with most of the high-end gaming producers. 

Not only that, their collection of online games is very wide and versatile. No matter your interests or budget, you will surely find something of your liking.

High-end Security

Online gambling and casino Malaysia online relies heavily on banking transactions and authentic personal details. 

It is of utmost importance that a casino has top-of-the-line security with multiple firewalls that are unbreakable. Luckily KW88 has excelled in this task,

Cons Of KW88 Casino

Unfortunately, KW88 has some setbacks as well, especially considering its short life span and limited clientele. 

However, these drawbacks usually occur in most new casinos and are handled over time as the company expands its reach.

Unfair Restrictions

According to many critics and review blogs, KW88 has more than unfair restrictions when it comes to online casino Malaysia free credit withdrawal and rollover percentage. 

It makes sense for most young casinos to have strict rules. However, they are still something most players don't appreciate.

Limited Banking Options

Another major setback for most people is the currency limitation. While they have good services, kw88 accepts only one currency which is not feasible for most players. 

It also is a hindrance for people who gamble with cryptocurrency.

Satisfactory Promotions and Bonuses

Perhaps the biggest weakness of the KW88 online casino is the lack of jaw-dropping promotions and bonuses. 

As a young casino, KW88 generates a small revenue and therefore doesn't offer beneficial promotions like other big-name casinos.

Variety of KW88 Online Casino Bonuses

All KW88 users are eligible for a variety of incentives, which are offered by the administration. There are also contests, lotteries, and other activities held in the casino.

Welcome Bonus 150%

All new customers are allowed to choose a special welcoming bonus for themselves. The welcome bonus 1505 does exactly that. 

Available for all slots, live casinos, and sports betting, they offer max outs at 1000MYR and require different turnover for every game.

Weekly Rescue Bonus

The savior for all new players, a weekly rescue bonus is the best way to claim your losses. As long as you manage to make sufficient profit, you are eligible for this bonus of up to 600 MYR

10% unlimited sport reload bonus

The best offer for overachievers. Even the good players deserve some extra money from time to time. 

Generate a turnover of up to 8x and get a 10% to reload every weak. The offer stands for all new and old members.

Banking Options At KW88 Online Casino

Making deposits and withdrawing money from an account can be done in a variety of ways. All major credit cards, the most widely used payment systems, are available at KW88 Online Casino.

You can find detailed information about the limitations, the procedure for confirming accounts, and how to withdraw money on the website of every casino Malaysia online.

i. Mastercard

More useful for older players, Matercard is the oldest and the safest method of transaction. 

It has been in use for decades and is verification in itself for the casino's banking and security system.

ii. Paypal

The most efficient way of banking in the 21st century is PayPal. Paypal is offered by almost every casino since it is recognized internationally and accepts almost every currency there is.

iii. EazyPay

This E-wallet for casinos is getting more and more common. Used mostly by mobile gamblers and younger players, it is an efficient way of transferring funds and gambling online.

KW88 Mobile Platform

This is certainly where the casino shines. As one of the latest casinos in the market, most probably handled by a team of young adults, the casino has an incredibly efficient online presence. 

Customers of KW88 Casino mobile can download and install a free app for their Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

They enable continuous access to the portal's services as well as the ability to use all of the portal's features. 

Every gamer will find mobile programs for Android and iPhone to be convenient and clear. 

The browser version of KW88 Casino is also available for mobile gaming. It's also simple to use, straightforward, and functional. 

Here you'll find all of the promos, games, and other chances.


KW88 Casino is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known and well-liked gambling institutions in Malaysia and other parts of Asia. 

Its numerous advantages draw clients from all of Asia. They certainly have some improvements to make. 

However, their extensive gaming collection and other strengths make up for it. 

Let's hope the establishment doesn't stop there and keeps moving forward in the right way.

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