Claim 918Kiss Free Credit Malaysia 2022

A couple of years ago, when online gambling was not so popular, 918Kiss was still a well-known brand under the name of SCR888. It has gained its reputation with the help of excellent customer service and a variety of games.

The 918Kiss online casino platform is regularly updated for its users. You will always be happy to visit 918Kiss Malaysia. That is why the it is experience is fresh and satisfying forever.

Players must note that some temporary maintenance that the 918Kiss Malaysia site will go through can come without notice. The market might sometimes be temporarily closed in some countries.

It is unwaveringly earning a good name in the list of top 10 online Malaysia casinos in all ranked lists of online casinos out there.

Now, 918Kiss apk download 2020 is thought to be the most reliable app around. Want some real fun with some online games and gambling shenanigans?

Whether you are a pro gambler or new to the platform, read the review ahead for some really fun facts and basic information about 918Kiss, the best online casino in Malaysia.

What is 918Kiss?

918Kiss is an aristocratic online-based casino that empowers players to endure gambling thrills through electronic devices, i.e., mobile phones, laptops, and desktops.

It is available for Android and iOS platforms. 918Kiss is famous across Asia, primarily in Malaysia, Thailand, and Malaysia, due to its predominant appearance.

The strong marketing struggles and applications also played the role positively. Thus they have an amazing reputation.

You must have your own website to promote the business to become a professional 918Kiss agent. Reach out to the 918Kiss original website to present your services. Make sure you have a clean background to be onboard.

Popular 918Kiss Slot Game 2022

Once you are in, you will never get bored because the 918Kiss game list available at Malaysia's online casino is long enough.

The site is constantly updated, so you will have a new variety every month. Online fishing games to online slot games, there is unlimited variety.

1. Wu Kong

The exciting slot game will have you drooling at the sight of reels. This game is extremely hardcore, and it will take a player with the strongest wills to truly excel at this game. 

If you are up for a challenge, Wu Kong will be the perfect choice to test your skills. You can also compete with other players in this game

2. Safari Heat

This triple-A tier graphics contains the amazing game aesthetic. The player goes out at Safari. The game has fear components that keep it exciting to play.

3. Dolphin Reef

Want to tame or kill Dolphins, play this slot game for exciting story-telling elements and engaging factors. It is intended to attract both pro and amateur gamers equally. It is suitable for everyone because of its user-friendly interface and game layout.

4. Reels of Fortunes

It is a slot game for speed lovers. It is the most viral and top trending slot game in 918Kiss.

5. Gong Xi Fa Cai

One of the famous fishing games at 918Kiss online casino. This game is remarkably hard, and it will get a player with the most powerful intentions to actually surpass this game. Da Sheng Nao Hai will be the perfect choice to be challenged and prove yourself.

Why Play 918Kiss Games?

918Kiss casino online Malaysia has guaranteed to present the ultimate quality for a terrific user experience so that the player can enjoy the maximum pleasure.

Today the online casino industry has evolved so much and developed some high standards. If a casino has the following qualities, it is reliable to visit, play, and transfer funds.

918Kiss Company has amazing features to play the games with free downloading. You can also earn free credit RM3 918Kiss through bonus and promotions.

  • Exceptional recreation and design quality: The website and mobile application are especially designed for playing games. The player will not get bored while playing.
  • Plentiful game collection: The game categories and varieties within them are more than enough to enjoy.
  • User-friendly casino layout: The lay out to navigate in 918Kiss casino website and app is easy.
  • Encrypted and trusted security policies: It is 100% safe to deposit in 918Kiss wallet
  • Magnificent customer service: Kiosk 918Kiss is distinctively designed to provide help to the new customer. It provides direct user ID and password to the registered member.
  • Legit profitability: The player can earn through winnings and claiming the bonuses. It is a perfect opportunity to earn as much money as you want.

Bonus and Promotion of 918Kiss Malaysia

If you want to claim 918Kiss free credit you need to register first. As a member you can claim the following bonuses.

Bonus A: 918Kiss Free Credit

You can easily collect the free credit points every three hours. Have fun spinning the wheel and exchange your wallet 918Kiss free credit for up to RM1000.

Bonus B: Welcome Bonus

Once you have earned enough 98Kiss free credit you are free to play and claim your welcome bonus.

How to Download and Install 918Kiss?

You can easily download the 918Kiss apk app at both the Google and Apple play store; the app is supported by both platforms, regardless of the handset you are using.

It is available for each smart device. There is a separate 918Kiss apk download available for android and iOS. 918Kiss 2.0 apk download is also available for desktop players.

If the 918Kiss online casino mobile app is missing from the play store, unfortunately, you reside in an area where the 918Kiss mobile app is restricted.

Do not worry we have the latest 918Kiss plus ready for you through 918Kiss hack apk tools. You can also order 918Kiss download through the agent.

i. 918Kiss Hack Tools

  • Step 1: Go to a trusted 918Kiss online casino download platform to download 918Kiss mobile app.
  • Step 2: Opt for app manual installation. 
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to 918Kiss download apk and install the app that is already available at the site. 
  • Step 4: Make sure you have the apk file of the 918Kiss app on your phone.
  • Step 5: Transfer the file from your PC to your phone via wire transfer. 
  • Step 6: Accept the terms and conditions.

The procedure of transferring 918Kiss apk files to the phone.

  • Step 1: Go to settings
  • Step 2: Then go to general settings
  • Step 3: Click on device management 
  • Step 5: Click trust. The installation will begin once you select 'Trust.'

After 918Kiss download game client apk application to the device, players who already have an account can log in and participate in betting immediately. If not, players need to create a separate betting account i.e. 918Kiss test id.

ii. 918Kiss Android

  • Step 1: Go to 918Kiss Malaysia.
  • Step 2: Select Android.  
  • Step 3: You need to provide some basic details for creating an account and password. The basic information includes name, occupation, email, phone number.

Note: that each player can only create one account, so the information must be absolutely accurate. Before completing the form, the dealer will ask again and send the casino rules to the player.

  • Step 4: The player needs to read carefully. After agreeing to the contents and clicking the complete button, the player owns a betting account with a name and password. Now you can use 918Kiss login and start playing.

918Kiss free credit is available for registered members online. Whether the downloading procedure is a bit tricky still, it is completely safe and secure to use.

iii. 918Kiss iOS

  • Step 1: Go to 918Kiss Malaysia.
  • Step 2: Select iOS application.
  • Step 3: Provide Information.
  • Step 4: A betting account and password will be supplied to you.
  • Step 5: Login and start playing from your mobile.

How to Claim 918Kiss Free Credit?

918Kiss online casino offers its customers numerous bonuses and free credits at regular sessions. This popular online casino in Malaysia has bonuses for customers that come in different forms, such as free credits.

  • Step 1: Visit 918Kiss.
  • Step 2: Click on 918Kiss SCR2.
  • Step 3: Register by yourself or through an agent.
  • Step 4: The page will direct you to the lucky wheel, spin the wheel.
  • Step 5: Spin every 3 hour to claim free credit 918Kiss.
  • Step 6: Redeem.
  • Step 7: Repeat.

How to Make a Deposit and Withdrawal from 918Kiss?

918Kiss allows players to transfer their winnings directly from their 918Kiss profile to their bank account as fast as one working day. Depositing in wallet 918Kiss is also pretty easy.

  • Step 1: Login.
  • Step 2: Click on your profile.
  • Step 3: Click on deposit, and you will see several tabs like transfer, deposit, withdraw, and account, history, referral.
  • Step 4: Click on deposit or withdraw whatever you wish to do.
  • Step 5: Fill out the form.
  • Step 6: Click submit.


1. How to win the 918Kiss jackpot?

A random jackpot will fall on a random value that starts at RM1600 to RM3300.

2. How to hack 918Kiss credit?

Unfortunately, this may not apply to 918Kiss. 918Kiss Malaysia adopts a much stricter cyber security policy.

3. How to register for 918Kiss?

You have two options to create a 918Kiss demo id first and then an account.

  1. Download 918Kiss apk directly from the website and sign-up
  2. Hire a 918Kiss agent to create an account for you.

You must provide valid information at the time of registration of an account. During the process, 918Kiss kiosk will supply a username and password by itself. 

Your password for your 918Kiss account needs to be strong. It is recommended that you must pick a combination that is not hack able, and please do not share your password with anybody, neither in person nor online.

4. What payment options do 918Kiss offer?

918Kiss gambling sites provide varieties of payment options to do the transaction. It offers safe and secure payments at games such as bank transfers, E-Wallets, debit, credit cards, etc.

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