Nova88 Online Casino Review 2022

The online casino Malaysia and gaming industry is constantly changing depending on many factors, and many new interested users and the latest online casino outlets are setting up shops every day. 

Hence, it may not always be right to spend all your money on existing online sports betting sites without knowing the correct information.

Even though there are some excellent takeaways about Nova88 casino gambling and gaming outlets, they are in for competitive and challenging times because the rivalry among online casinos is heating up. 

This has caused many new users to look out for the best.

History Of Nova88 Online Casino

This online gambling site was started in the year 2008, and over the years, it has grown in size and has thousands of players attached to it. 

2008 and the years following it were when people were slowly moving away from brick-and-mortar gaming outlets to online ones. 

In these initial days, www Nova88 made some impression with new entrants.

Moreover, as competitive pressure heated up and new technological advances and online gaming sites started growing up worldwide, things became increasingly difficult for platforms like Nova88

In the earlier days, the reason behind the fame for Nova88 was their incredible customer service and how they went entirely out of the way to make sure that their clients were content and satisfied. 

But once they started to expand, customers began to experience significant lacks in their services and started taking their clients for granted. 

This surely set them back for a while and made them lose the trust of their customers. It should also be mentioned here that am Nova88 online casino used to be known as IBCBET when it started.

Nova88 Software And Casino Range

When it comes to gaming selection, Nova88 has a fine range of diverse games that caters to a broad spectrum of customers coming from all around the world. 

Many gamblers who frequently use these sites believe that Nova88 is a platform that brings together the best live casinos, deals, and opportunities for betting while also dealing with virtual sports. 

As a result, Nova88 displays an incredible collection of customers' favourite games, including live roulettes, slot games with different techniques, and wheel games.

1. Online Slot Games

Online slots are digital versions of the traditional fruit machines found in most casinos. 

Additional features such as wild symbols and scatter symbols, interactive bonus rounds, and much more are available in online versions of these popular games. 

Nova88 has the best collection of these games loved by all of their clients and keeps them coming back wanting more.

2. Live Casino

it has begun to dominate the local online casino gaming market, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that established platforms such as Nova88 have their work cut out for them. 

Other platforms may no longer be safe if they continue to rest on their previous laurels and glories for obvious reasons such as increased competition and other such things since It takes it up a notch every season and serves their customer with an unmatchable experience.

3. Online Lottery

Online lottery refers to a game linked to a central computer via a telecommunications network. 

The player chooses a value, marker, group of percentages, or symbols from a predetermined range of numbers or symbols. 

The winning ticket is determined by chance. Nova88 bet is known for its exciting online lotteries that keep its customers on edge throughout the season.

Pros of Nova88 Online Casino

Nova88, being among the oldest platforms for gambling, has a multitude of pros that constantly make customers choose it for their diverse wants and needs. 

Some of the pros are:

Huge bonus potential

Considering the deals and incentives provided by casino, customers are bound to get huge bonuses depending on the game they choose to invest in.

Massive collection of nearly 300 casino games

Nova88 has a massive collection of around 300 casino games varying for online lotteries, casinos, slots, virtual sports, and many more.

Nova88 poker room

The poker room holds significance above all due to its excellent experience and interface that is bound to captivate the user.

Quality customer support

Nova88 has been known for its top-notch customer support, and it is one of the biggest reasons for its fame!

Cons Of Nova88 Casino

A small list of banking methods

Since Nova88 is a more than a decade old platform, it needs to get with the times and introduce the latest banking methods so people can use it at their convenience.

Most offers are restricted to specific Asian countries

This online gaming platform is mainly marketed to Asian countries; hence most of its elements are specially designed according to the taste of the Asian community.

The mobile casino doesn't host all games available on the desktop version

Even though the desktop version hosts around 300 games, the mobile version for nova88
still does not host all the games available on the desktop version.

Variety of Nova88 Online Casino Bonuses

It is particularly known for its amazing deals and bonuses. Some of the bonuses that are definitely worth mentioning are:

100% Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus lets the participants avail of it for one time since it is meant to be a welcome to the online casino. 

This amazing bonus puts out an incentive for newcomers to join the platform and avail of this amazing opportunity!

What do you need to know about this bonus?

Only wagers that generate a win/loss return will contribute to the Rollover Requirement. Canceled or void wagers, wagers on odds less than 1.7 (Decimal odd); 0.7 (China odd); 0.7 (Malay Positive odd); -1.43 (Indo odd); -143 (the US odd), or wagers on both even chances during a single game will not count towards this requirement. 

100% Slots Welcome Bonus

Once you make your initial three deposits, you can qualify for a 300% bonus of up to 2500MYR!

What do you need to know about this bonus?

Only wagers that generate a win/loss return will contribute to the Rollover Requirement. Canceled, Voided game, bets placed containing selections Jackpot, RNG (PT Slot, Table Games, Card Games & Fishing) are not eligible and will not count towards this rollover requirement.

15% Playtech Slot Reload Bonus

This bonus can be used to reload the slot but keep in mind that the users are not allowed to hold or stuck free spins. This bonus stays valid for 30 days, and the user can enjoy it as much as they want in the given time.

What do you need to know about this bonus?

Only wagers that generate a win/loss return will contribute to the Rollover Requirement. Canceled, Voided game, bets placed containing selections Jackpot, RNG (Table Games, Card Games & Fishing) are not eligible and will not count towards this rollover requirement.

Banking Options At Nova88 Online Casino

Nova88 sportsbook offers several payment methods via different currencies. The options to transact include:

i. Online Banking

With online banking you can perform transactions from all of the mentioned banks on the Nova88 website and be comfortable in your own element!

ii. E-wallet

The e-wallet at nova88 lets you use various kinds of platforms to perform transaction through e-wallet.

iii. Debit & Credit Card

Being the most popular option for transactions, it also lets their customers to use Debit/Debit card to perform transactions effectively!

Nova88 Mobile Platform

The casino has its nova88 app download available on the iOS Apple Store and the Android Google Play store, allowing players to bet on games with just a few taps of their fingers. 

These mobile versions of Nova88 app are designed to meet players' desire to play on any electronic device, anywhere.


Overall, Nova88 maxbet may lag due to a lack of attention-grabbing designs and a more colorful outlook. However, it is still difficult to dethrone them as a renowned sports gambling casino. 

We can only speculate about what the future holds for 88 journey. Would the 'Nova' casino take over Nova88, or would it maintain its strong position, rich history, and accomplished background?

The only area for improvement is the banking section, which lacks popular cards such as Visa/MasterCard/Maestro, and the customer support section, which requires phone support.

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