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Onlinecasinomalaysia.biz is an open platform for everyone but still has some terms of use. Since we are in gambling business, it is essential for us to define the terms of use. 

These terms help to undermine the factors that can eventually help to come up with the smooth operations and interactions.

We believe in making everything feasible and smooth for you. Covering all the essentials, we make sure to lead your way forward with the right terms. 

Here you will get the clarity about how to use our platform and what to avoid in the procedure:

Age Limit

To sign up at online casino malaysia.biz, one must be of the age of 18 years or above.
The user should have a legal age for betting in his or her residing state.

Anyone belonging to a minor age or not complying with the legal age of gambling in each state will love the membership anytime.

There is no higher age limit for the users.

We do consider the age limits and brackets and have strict regulations for them. Without following these regulations, it is not possible to smooth out the procedures and avoid legal actions.

Region Restrictions

Onlinecasinomalaysia.biz is all operational in Malaysia and accessible all across the country. We do not have any regional restrictions. 

But the platform is not operating in the states that do not support betting or gambling.

We are operational in all states that have legal regulations regarding gambling and allow these platforms in general.

Activity Restrictions

Onlinecasinomalaysia.biz only offers legally allowed activities by Malaysian law in the state. We do not offer any of the sports gambling, or betting. 

Our activities are limited to lotteries, bets and regular gambling.

Each activity has its specific rules and regulations. We do recommend every user to go through these terms of use before applying the bets. 

It helps to come up with the right results and avoid any issues with the platform and results as well.

License And Permissions

Onlinecasinomalaysia.biz has the license and permissions all granted by the Malaysian government. We operate under the Malaysian rules and regulations in general. 

The licenses do not put us on a radar with authorities or cause issues with the permissions to hold events, bets and more.

We believe in closely following the regulations and restrictions. Along with the regulatory authorities, we do have our internal security system. 

There are specialized teams working on different aspects of verification, cross reference and investigation. 

We run specific checks through a number of profiles and ensure there is no loop in the process. It helps us to ensure every user is compliant and legal on our platform.

The drill makes it easier for everyone to run the activities smoothly. If things are not smooth, it is possible to face issues and interruptions during the processes.

Betting Restrictions

Normally, we do not put any restrictions on betting limits for the users. A user can bet or gamble on numerous activities as per gambling limit or available funds. In certain gambles or bets we do have betting restrictions.

Using the standard limits, we put a bracket of betting ranges on the users. It is to avoid the higher or lower bets in general cases. It can be a disturbance if the betting is polarized to one side.

We do have a limit for the number of bets in an activity. Only a few people can access the specific bets or place tiger bets in that activity. 

It lets us bring more bets in the open category and keep them in smaller groups that are manageable and increase the chances of winning for the users.

Account Creation Restrictions

Onlinecasinomalaysia.biz does not support multiple account creation. One individual can have only one account on legal credentials.

Someone using fake or anyone else’s credentials to create and run an account on site will face the consequences. We put any of such accounts on hold and do not let them operate.

There is an IP address tracking procedure to check if only one user is active from that IP or not. 

The matching IP addresses can be blocked by the system automatically until further inquiry. That is why we recommend using one account for one IP address.

Tracking VPNs

To avoid the gambling frauds and restrict organized gm cables on online casino malaysia.biz, we block the VPNs from the site. 

It does not let the users access the site having multiple VPNs running on their side.

It might affect the access of single users to the platform who may have to access the platform using a VPN. but we have a special permission or review procedure to troubleshoot for our clients. 

The verification procedure helps valid users to access the portal again. Whereas the other users in questions will be cancelled and blocked for future interaction.

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