2022’s Beginner Guide: How to Play Texas Holdem Poker?

Before we learn How to play Texas Holdem Poker, We need to know how Poker works. Poker is a casino game that was very popular back in the 1900s.

Now, as newly developed games are coming into the market, developers are making new Texas Holdem Poker games with the same feels as playing in the casino.

As of now, you can play Texas Holdem Poker online game with real people in real-time on your mobile phone. Game development led this game to be more popular because now you can play this game by sitting in your home or from anywhere in the world.

There are many online Texas Holdem Poker free download available to play and enjoy. Texas Holdem Poker app is the most handy source of fun.

What is Texas Holdem Poker?

There are three types of Poker versions, and one of them is Texas Holdem Poker. There are different Texas Holdem Poker rules, and we will explain them one by one.

Two or more players play all Poker games to compete for the best hand by using hand rules that define different endings and ranks.

The only focus of free Poker Texas Holdem is to use hole cards in the best combination with community cards to make the best five cards of Texas Holdem Poker hands.

Texas Hold'em Rules

Before we start playing free online Texas Holdem Poker, we need to learn some rules...
Each Play gets two cards starting in Holdem Texas Poker, called hole cards. 

After that the dealer draws five community cards showing on the board. All players use this community card to make the best possible set of five cards.

In the free Texas Holdem Poker game, players can use seven cards to make the best combination of five cards to make the best Poker hand. A dealer button is used to tell which player's turn it is.

Most of the time, dealer’s use two blind cards, but sometimes it is possible to play the game with one blind card, an ante, or a combination of ante plus blind.

Objective of Game

Like every game, Texas Holdem Poker is a win, but sometimes Texas Holdem Poker real money can be used in the Texas Holdem Poker apk.

This poker is used in Chips, which are all kept in a pot. How does this pot get full? Well. When players place their bet in the form of a chip, these pots get filled.

An objective can be a win, but how is an essential part. You can win by making a combination of the five best cards from the option drawn in front of your board.

Betting Option

a. Call

Call is included when the player matches the bet already bet amount to see the next card, but if you like your hand, you can force other players to raise the bet.

Even if you don’t have the better card, you can still call and use the Texas Holdem Poker strategy to force them to match your bet or fold.

b. Raise

Minimum raise is always equal to the previous bet or raise. For example, if the blind is 10 dollars and after that raise is 40 dollars, the raise must be at least 40 dollars to make another raise.

c. Fold

Folding means you are out of the games. This invariably means that you don’t have to pay any further when you are out. You cannot claim any pot amounts when you fold Texas Holdem Poker hands.

d. Check

Checking is when you keep your card and pass on the dealer button. Checking gives the option to bet raise in another round. The game will be processed to the next round if everyone shows a check hand.

e. All in

Going all-in means that you place all your chips in a single bet. That’s how you put all the chips in the middle of the board. 

Which lets those chips go into the pot. This can raise the bet yourself or force an opponent to match your bet.

How To Play Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Holdem Poker online game is part of the new internet Era. Everyone is playing this game. Before you play Texas Holdem Poker real money, you need to learn the fundamentals of Texas Holdem Poker tips.

Starting with Texas Holdem Poker download you can also choose to play online, but downloading it to your mobile phone will be convenient.

Games start when the dealer gives you two cards, and 5 cards are led down in the center of the board, which means seven cards are in Play. Games start with the dealer button, which the dealer gives one by one to the person in front of him.

The person on the left can raise the bet to the dealer button. To the dealer's left is called the small blind, and to their left is called the big blind, that’s when we get down to business.

Let’s take this as an example: a small blind is 10 dollars, but now the bigger bling should be twice as much.

That means it has to be 20 dollars, now the dealer gives two cards each to every player. There are 3 players: Player A, Player B, Player C.

Player A with Small blind, Player B with Big Blind, and Player C looking at his card, but now Player C got 3 choices to choose from: Call, Raise, Or Fold.

Now player C thinks he has a robust Poker hands Texas Holdem card, and the bet is too high. He will go for the fold. If he wants to continue, he will check or think his cards are too good to raise the bet.

Now Player A is calling, and the bet is for 20 dollars. He can fold or call or raise it. If he calls, Player B comes to play, and he calls. Now All bets go to the pot. The betting round ends now.

Now Dealers come to the Play. He has to draw 3 cards. Now Players will see if they can make the best combination with those three new cards. This round is called a Flop.

Now a new round begins where you can check without getting any amount. Now Player A wants to bet jo he will bet now like last round call, fold, raise starts. Now One player folds inside the round.

This means he is out of the game, and now this all comes down to two players. The next round begins, and this round is called turns, the 4th card comes to the Play.

The dealer draws the fourth card in the center of the table, the same as the previous two rounds. In this round, a player can raise, call, and fold.

The dealer draws another card to the center when the river and the final round begin. Now the player can check and call. In this round, the player with the best combination of five cards wins the pot. This means he won the Texas Holdem Poker game.

Texas Holdem Hands and Hand Rankings

Texas Holdem Poker ranking depends on the hands. Following are the different hands of Texas Poker Holdem.

  • Royal Flush (A♦ K♦ Q♦ J♦ T♦)
  • Straight Flush (T♥ 9♥ 8♥ 7♥ 6♥)
  • Four-of-a-Kind (J♦ J♣ J♠ J♥ K♦)
  • Full House (A♥ A♣ A♦ 9♠ 9♣)
  • Flush (A♠ J♠ 8♠ 4♠ 3♠)
  • Straight (9♥ 8♠ 7♣ 6♦ 5♣)
  • Three-of-a-Kind (7♠ 7♦ 7♣ K♦ Q♣)
  • Two-Pair (9♣ 9♦ 6♣ 6♠ Q♥)
  • One-Pair (A♦ A♥ K♠ 9♦ 4♥)
  • High Card (A♠ J♦ 8♣ 6♠ 2♥)

Useful Texas Holdem Strategy for Beginners

Some Texas Holdem Poker How to Play Strategy for Beginners are given below:

First, play Texas Holdem Poker online game risk free and learn how Holdem Texas Poker works. Some Key Poker Texas Holdem tips are given below:

Learn Ranks, Rules, and Hand ranking.

  • Don’t put too much at stake
  • Play Slow but Aggressive 
  • Play When You are 100% about the game
  • Learn Odds of Poker
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