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The concept of a live casino is not new to the world. The digital world has evolved so much in the era of technology that it has changed almost everything.

Most sources of entertainment were original and played face to face. Most of them are converted in digital form due to the internet. Live casino Baccarat is also one of them.

Today, we will shed some light upon a famous casino game called Baccarat. Every casino player is familiar with casino table games, especially Baccarat.

The article will explain how it consistently is in the mainstream and the journey of evolution from Baccarat to online Live Baccarat Malaysia.

What is Live Baccarat?

Baccarat is a game of cards. It gained fame from casinos and betting players. Live Baccarat online is a modified game shape where a player play Baccarat online live at the casino.

It is equally popular globally, but we are explicitly talking about Malaysia. The reason is that our service is exclusively for Malaysian native casino players.

Online Live Baccarat is available at Malaysia online casino. If you play for real money wagering or free play, it is up to you.

Baccarat is an exciting game that does not restrict you to play for free only or for real money. You can play Baccarat online live games as per your preference.

It is always your choice what you want to do further. Find the best Malaysia online Baccarat casinos on the list and start playing by wagering some cash. If you win, you will get real money as a reward.

Free online Live Baccarat games are available at online casino Malaysia. All you need is a mobile device, and the application downloaded for Malaysia online Baccarat casino.

The best online Live Baccarat system for Live Baccarat online free play and real money according to review criteria are:

  • Fibonacci.
  • Chemin De Fer
  • Punto Banco
  • Baccarat en Banque
  • EZ Baccarat 
  • No Commission Baccarat
  • Paroli.
  • Labouchere.
  • Martingale.
  • Shift 5.

How Does Live Baccarat Work?

Playing Live Baccarat is all about understanding the different rules for each variant. However, you require a reliable Baccarat live casino in the first place. Baccarat is a betting round of rulers, monarchs, and kings worldwide.

Generally, mainstream among the gambling club players and played through cards. No club player imagines visiting live casino Baccarat Malaysia and not playing this old gambling club excellence.

Regardless of having a few variations, including mini-Baccarat live, punto banco, Speed Baccarat, and Baccarat press, you'll have the option to begin in a matter of moments.

Since it is known as a speculating game, it doesn't expect you to be talented at it. Indeed, it is the most straightforward table game at Live Baccarat online casino Malaysia. You additionally don't have to have numerical abilities to win.

Top 5 Types of Live Baccarat

1. Chemin De Fer

In this variation of Baccarat online live, six decks of cards are used and shuffled together.
The players involved can decide to take a third card.

Players are seated in random order, typically around an oval table; discarded cards go to the center.

Game begins to the right of the croupier and continues counterclockwise.

2. Punto Banco

In punto banco variation, the casino banks the game at all times and commits to playing out both hands according to fixed drawing rules, known as the tableau.

The actions are predetermined by the numbers on the cards.

The player hand has no particular association with the gambler, nor the banker hand with the house.

3. Baccarat en Banque

In this variation both the players can make choices. The winning odds are in favor of the bank.

In Baccarat En Banque, banker status is much more durable than Chemin de fer. The shoe contains three inter-shuffled decks.

Unless he retires either of his own free will or because of the exhaustion of his finances, the banker holds office until all these cards have been dealt.

4. EZ Baccarat

EZ Baccarat is just like a standard Baccarat game. There is a slight difference in rules and house edge. It eliminates the odds differential between Player Line and Dealer Line wagers.

5. No Commission Baccarat

In No Commission Baccarat, the dealer does not take a 5% commission for every Banker winning bet.

The Banker’s commission for winning bets is 50%. This version of No Commission Baccarat was successfully adopted and gained popularity in Asia.

The table layout, rules, and player experience are the same as traditional Baccarat. The only difference is the way the commission is collected.

Why Should I Play Live Baccarat Games?

  • It is financially savvy. 
  • As compared to other live casino Baccarat table games, it is the easiest.
  • The most fantastic aspect of Live Baccarat is that it has a minor house edge. The house edge for those wagering on the banker is 1.06%, while the Player bet is 1.24%.

How to Play Live Baccarat Online?

Let's go through a standard round of online Baccarat Malaysia. It is easy to apply the rules on any live online Baccarat vendor games offered on the web.

  • Select a Baccarat game. We've shortlisted the top Baccarat live online clubs, so you know the best genuine cash gambling clubs to play at. 
  • It is ideal to choose whether you need to wager on the Bank or the Player to begin. 
  • Choose a hand you think will win. 
  • The online Baccarat live dealer will give the player and the banker two cards each.  
  • If you have a 0 through 5, you'll get a third card. 
  • If you have a 6 or 7, you will not get a third card. What's more, in case you're holding 8 or 9, you've won. It's that simple.

Rules of Playing Live Baccarat Malaysia

One great thing about playing Live Baccarat online casino is the rules. The rules of Live Baccarat games are clear to understand. Once the two cards are dealt, you can quickly add the numbers and determine who is closest to nine.

  • The game begins when the online Baccarat live dealer deals two cards each to the Player and Banker. 
  • The upward-facing cards determine the winner, and the object is to have cards nearest to 9. 
  • If you bet on the player and the hand is closest to 9, you will receive double the stake. 
  • On the other hand, you will get 95% of your stake if you bet on the banker and are most relative to 9.
  • The winning hand is the one with a score where the last digit when every one of the pips is nearest to 9. 
  • Ace has a value of 1. Cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are face value, while King, Queen, Jack, and 10 have 0 value.
  • If the Player and the Banker get similar outcomes, the game is a Tie. 
  • If the total is getting bigger than 9, number 1 is discarded. For example, if you get 8 and 9, your final result is 7, not 17. 
  • If the player's hand is 5 or less, the live dealer Baccarat will deal a third card.
  • 9 is the ideal hand and you can't lose.
  • You can bet on the player, the banker, or a tie in a classic Baccarat game. 
  • The payout of Tie wagers is frequently 8-1 in gambling clubs, so the house edge is 9.5%.

Tips & Tricks to Play Live Baccarat Games

Since you now know the rules and how Baccarat live works. Here are some tips and tricks you should apply in order to play it decently and strive to win.

  • To win, all you need is a standard and decent wagering system. 
  • It will help if you are vigilant of what other players are doing.
  • Start with a minimum bet to first understand the tempo of the game.
  • Pay close attention to the cards on the table.
  • If you observe that it is your lucky day, you can increase the bet.


1. Is live online Baccarat legit?

It is totally a legit game. Here you can earn money, enjoy the live online Baccarat table game and also play free if you are not sure to bet.

2. Do casinos cheat in Baccarat?

Live casino Malaysia has a great history of providing a safe and secure betting environment to Live Baccarat Malaysia players.

3. Is there any skill in Baccarat?

There is no skill, it requires pure luck. It does not involve any equipment and relies upon the card a player gets.

4. What is the best hand in Baccarat?

Placing a bet on the bank is the best hand. Due to the weak house edge, players can win earnest money at Live Baccarat casinos.

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